Welcome to your new job

You’ve just started working for an MP and are delighted to be in the job, but:

  • nobody is telling you where anything is
  • constituents are asking you impossible questions and you haven’t a clue where to find the answers
  • constituency casework is a nightmare
  • you are concerned about security in the office
  • you have not been to Westminster and don’t know your way around
  • you have heard the Library is brilliant, but how exactly can it help you?
  • the Working for an MP Website is all very useful, but there’s nothing like seeing the real thing.

The Induction Day seminars for new staff are just the solution to these and other concerns many new starters have about working for an MP and Parliament as an organisation.

The day includes talks about the following:

  • Your salary, pension, allowances
  • Security, IT support, e-mail and Internet access
  • What the House of Commons Library can do for you
  • Accommodation in Westminster, free postage and other facilities
  • Grand tour of the Palace of Westminster

You will also be able to meet experienced staff who have worked for MPs for several years.

The seminar is totally free  and you can claim travel costs (standard class) or use one of the office travel warrants if you are coming in from the constituency.

PLEASE BE AWARE… should you find that you are not able to attend the seminar that you have booked onto, you need to inform WWP Training at least 48 hours prior to the event. If you do not do this, then the HoC Finance and Administration Department may, at their discretion, levy a £50 no-show fee against your MP’s expenses. Sorry about this, but you need to know!

These guides are specifically aimed at people who are new to the job.

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