10 things the Library can do for you

Latest update: 13 February 2010

Many thanks to Amina Gual in the Commons Library for again sending us this updated list of ’10 things the Library can do for you’.  The previous versions are now out of date so do yourself a favour and check through this new list to make sure you are making best use of the wonderful resource that is the Commons Library. 

Remember that this list is not just for Westminster-based staff; many of the resources are just as relevant to those of you based in constituency offices. You need access to the Intranet for all of the web addresses below. They won’t work from the internet.


1.  Help with Queries

Need help tracing a report, a person, a piece of legislation, a debate?  Not sure where to start?  Ask us via telephone or e-mail, or come to the Members’ Library, Derby Gate Library or Members Centre.
XXXXXXX or Email: 

2.  Policies, Bills & Statistics Explained

Research papers on all major public bills (before 2nd Reading and after Committee stage).  Debate packs for most non-legislative debates. Regular updates on social and economic statistics.  Today’s topical briefings are available around the estate or from the intranet.
XXXXXXX or Email: 
Intranet: http://hcl1.hclibrary.parliament.uk

3.  Analysis from Subject Specialists

We have over 60 research specialists covering everything from administration of justice to Zimbabwe.  Contact a specialist direct or call XXXX.
XXXX or Email: 
Directory of Subject Specialists (on the intranet): http://hcl1.hclibrary.parliament.uk/general_pdf/wdwir.pdf

4.  Finding Documents

Can’t find it on the internet – or not sure what you have been asked to find?  Google let you down?  We can help!
XXXXX or Email: 
or come to the Members’ Library, Derby Gate Library or Members’ Centre.

5.  Online Services

Many of the Library’s services are available online, including: Library briefing and papers; newspapers and journal databases; reference sources; statistics; parliamentary documents.
Intranet: http://hcl1.hclibrary.parliament.uk/onlineresources.asp

6.  Book loans

Borrow and reserve books, pamphlets and recordings of current affairs programmes from the Book & Video Service.  If we don’t have the book you want – as long as it is factual, we’ll find it for you!  You can also browse the Library catalogue.
XXXX or Email:
Library catalogue:  

7.  Newspapers and Journals

The latest newspapers and journals are available in the Members’ Library and Derby Gate Library.
Factiva, our online news resource, is available on the intranet: http://hcl1.hclibrary.parliament.uk/external/online/factiva.asp 
Many journals can also be consulted online on the intranet:

8.  Information Skills

Gain a basic introduction to the procedures and publications of Parliament.  Learn about online resources, including media and parliamentary sources.  Find out how to search PIMS, the database of Parliamentary material.
XXXX or Email: 
Intranet: http://hcl1.hclibrary.parliament.uk/TRAINING/Train1.htm

9.  Information for Constituents

Members of the public who want information about the House’s work, membership or history can be directed to the House of Commons Information Office.
XXXX or Email
Also see http://www.parliament.uk/directories/hcio.cfm. This is on the public website.

10. Somewhere to Work

Get away from the phone and other distractions. Use the Members’ Library or Derby Gate Library to work in peace and comfort, with full access to the network and online services, and staff available to answer your queries.  Wi-fi is available in the Members’ Centre and Members’ Library.
Note: The Members’ Library is open to Members only.


AG/DR/February 2010