Act – the Parliamentary Learning Management System

Act is a Parliamentary Learning Management System: a resource providing members’ staff with access to classes and e-learning courses, and other information that may be useful to you to have to hand, such as links to W4MP, IPSA and the Parliamentary intranet.

The Act website allows you to:

  • view the course catalogue and course outlines
  • request a place on classroom courses
  • access e-learning at your desk
  • view your training record
  • access useful information quickly

Courses and e-learning modules

The course catalogue comprises classroom and e-learning courses.  Each course has a clear description and target audience.  Please note that the L&D team is currently carrying out a procurement exercise and a fuller programme of courses will be available after the summer recess.

Act has been newly introduced to Parliament and the catalogue of e-learning modules is being developed.  There are approximately 23 courses available in Act at this early stage. More are under development and the catalogue will grow as content is adapted to meet requirements.


Across the menu bar at the top of the Home Page is an option entitled: fACTs. fACTs contains categories of practical information that we hope will be useful to you to access easily.  Please note that this area is still under construction. If there are additional topics you would like included, please feel free to contact Act with suggestions.

Additional features

Please feel free to browse all aspects of the site. You will notice that there are some features of the system that we are not using at this stage.  Our main focus is to that become familiar with the basics of viewing the calendar, booking courses and accessing e-learning.  One thing to highlight is that you should disregard the section entitled My Profile until future notice.

Logging in

Visit the Act website.  Logging in to Act will require your Parliamentary username and an initial password which will be provided, and which you must then change on logging in for the first time.


If you have any queries about the site, courses, bookings or log-in issues, please contact the Learning and Development Team