Help with Parliamentary Procedures for Staff

What is the Procedural Hub?

The Procedural Hub is a one-stop shop for procedural requests, confidential expert advice and bespoke training for Members and their staff.

They particularly welcome questions and requests from new and temporary staff.

What do we offer?

Confidential expert advice and bespoke training on procedure for Members and their staff.

What can you do?

Visit them to:

  • Table Questions and EDMs
  • Apply for debates
  • Add names to amendments and motions
  • Give notice of a public petition

Get in touch to receive confidential expert advice and support on:

• Bills, including Private Members’ Bills
• Petitions
• Delegated legislation and statutory instruments
• Written and oral questions, including drafting tips
• Applications for debates in the Chamber or Westminster Hall
• Early Day Motions

or to arrange private bespoke training for Members or Members’ staff.

Find them

The Reference Room of the House of Commons Library (Through the doorway on the right of the Oriel Room)