The Members’ Handbook

Latest update: 18 July 2011

The Members’ Handbook is a useful guide to the facilities offered to Members by various parts of the House Service, both on the Parliamentary Estate and in the constituencies.

Foreword by Malcolm Jack, Clerk of the House and Chief Executive. April 2011

Welcome to the Members’ Handbook, a guide to the facilities we provide to help you as a Member as well as your staff at Westminster and in constituencies. I hope you will find it useful.

The guide is updated annually to reflect changes to the services and facilities. For comments about the Handbook, including notification of errors or omissions, contact the Office of the Chief Executive, either by emailing or by telephoning the office on x6163.

Wherever possible in the Handbook principal contact phone numbers and email addresses are given. All four-digit phone numbers should be prefixed (020 7219) if dialled from outside the Parliamentary Estate.

This guide is also available on the intranet.

Malcolm Jack

Accessing the  Handbook

The updated Members’ Handbook is now available online as a PDF and in hardcopy from the Office of the Chief Executive.

There is lots of vital and useful information in the Handbook so make sure you have a copy on your shelf or look at this version: 

If you want the version with maps, it’s on the intranet at: