The Library

The Library is your friend. Yes, they have books and newspapers and computers and all that, but they also have Library Specialists who know everything. They really do.

And, these people who know everything are, blessedly, there to help you.

They prepare wonderful, fully referenced briefings on all the hot topics of the day, or bespoke to your request. They will talk to you on the phone and explain things to you. They hold talks where you can ask questions and unravel your sad, sorry confusion over anything from the economy (What is the structural deficit? Is it too late to ask that now? Will everyone laugh at me and throw things?) to the decline of the honey bee population (Sudden Colony Collapse Disorder – where all the bees gang up and fly away overnight, leaving nothing but an empty hive and a desolate morsel of bee food in a dish on the floor).

These pages give you more detail on the library.

Above all though, remember – treat them well. You will need them.