List of current MPs elected to Parliament following the 2010 General Election

Revised and updated: 23 June 2010

A list of all the MPs currently elected to Parliament is available on the public website:

This list will be kept up-to-date to reflect by-elections since the General Election.

If you have access to the parliamentary intranet, there is a much more detailed facility available which enables you to view Members at any date since May 1979. You can also filter by party. The intranet address for this is: In addition to these lists there are also a number set up which look at particular characteristics of Members:

  • Members entering or leaving Parliament and this includes Members leaving at next General Election
  • Deaths of Members – by date of death and alphabetically
  • Honours
  • Seniority – by start of continuous service and swearing-in order
  • Length of Service

You can also view the Library’s research paper Members 1979-2010which lists all of the Members during that time period in alphabetical order, and includes brief biographical details.

Those on the intranet should also check out Dods People (just look in the A-Z listing) which gives a full bio of each MP and a profile of their constituency.