Library Briefing Papers (Research Papers and Standard Notes)

Added: 30 September 2011

The Commons Library have moved to a new publication which has given all briefings a landing page (rather than going straight to a huge .pdf file) and a new web address.

The new web links are:

The individual landing pages are all in the format: or

The Research Papers and Standard Notes can be viewed by topic and sub-topic. The links to these listings can be saved as bookmarks so you can go straight to the subjects you are interested in.

The Research Papers and Standard Notes are listed under the following topics:

All Research Papers and most Standard Notes updated since July 2008 are now on the internet; the lists of briefings are also available on the intranet (replace “www” in the URL with “intranet”). A new search tool (currently only on the intranet) gives a much improved search for Library research briefings.


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