How it works

Here, you will find help on House Procedure.

Do you need further help with House Procedures?  Do you want to talk to someone in person?  The ‘Procedural Hub‘ is a one-stop shop where Members and their staff can deal with a range of different procedural matters without having to visit different offices in different parts of the Palace.

This service brings together House staff who deal with bills and amendments, petitions and delegated legislation, questions, motions and applications for debates all in one place – alongside staff from the Library Operations and Engagement team – to provide an improved service to Members and their staff.

The Procedural Hub will be open on sitting Mondays to Thursdays from 11am – 5pm. It will be able to give advice, amongst other things, on:

  • Bills, Public Bill committees, drafting amendments, Private Members’ bills
  • Petitions
  • Delegated legislation and statutory instrument procedure
  • Written and oral questions, including drafting tips
  • The content of the Order Paper
  • Applications for debates in the Chamber or Westminster Hall
  • Early Day Motions.

It will also be possible to table questions, EDMs, applications for debate, and add names to amendments and motions. For complex queries, Hub staff will arrange for an expert from the relevant procedural team to speak to you or your staff.

Further Information

Do pop in to visit the Hub! Or phone (x7333) or email ( to ask how it can help you!