Hotline numbers for MPs, MEPs, MSPs, AMs and their staff

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These hotline numbers are for the use of MPs, MEPs, MSPs, Welsh Assembly Members and their staff ONLY. DO NOT disclose these numbers to members of the public or to staff in other agencies or the facility may be withdrawn.

Whilst MPs have certain Parliamentary privileges in relation to the authority to act for their constituents, this is not always extended to Members of the Scottish Parliament, Members of the Welsh Assembly or Members of the European Parliament, so they must obtain written consent from their constituents. In any case, it is good practice for all representatives, including Members of Parliament, to obtain written consent whenever possible, in order to prevent any potential delays.

The list is updated when there are changes and represents the latest information we have. If you spot any mistakes or know of any other useful hotline numbers please let us know, using the website’s Feedback Form.

We have been asked by one or two agencies to encourage MPs, MEPs, AMs and their staff to be sure to use these hotline numbers and NOT the numbers available for the general public. Here’s what they say: “Some Members and their staff continue to use the public enquiry line which means we are not always able to give the prompt reply that both they and we would like to happen.”

IMPORTANT: Are you using the correct hotlines list?

Do you have the hotlines list bookmarked? It has come to our attention that some people are using a bookmark which links to a very old (June 2010) version of the hotlines list. That list is now very out-of-date. The list is updated frequently, sometimes several times a month, so please make sure you are using the most recent version and update your bookmark if necessary. 

It is better to view the list online rather than download it, then you can be sure you are always using the correct version.

Our list of hotline numbers is located on the Parliamentary Intranet (not on W4MP website) where it can be seen only by people with a parliamentary email address. It is now listed as Hotlines for MPs under ‘H’ in the A-Z index on the intranet (click here). Click here for a direct link to the list.

It is also linked from the Constituency casework webpage on the parliamentary intranet and if you haven’t come across that very useful page do spend some time browsing through the excellent guides listed there. Here’s the link.

To clarify: you need to be working on the Parliamentary Network now to make those intranet connections.

Don’t forget to check out our own W4MP casework guides; they’re here.

If you are an MEP, or his/her staff, and you do not have access to the UK Parliamentary Intranet, please use our Feedback Form to request a copy of the hotlines list, ensuring that you tell us who you work for. The list is available to Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly Members via their own Intranet. If anyone has a contact for the European Parliament Intranet (do they have one?) please let us know, again using our Feedback Form.

Here’s something which is available to everyone: CEO email addresses:


19 April 2017

  • Major changes to the following Pension Centre contact details: Burnley, Cwmbran, Dundee, Motherwell, Seaham, Swansea and Warrington

11 April 2017

  • Addition of an email address for the National Offender Management Service
  • Amendment of UKVI MP Account Manager Team information to reflect merger with Passport Office and Parliamentary Correspondence Unit
  • Deletion of defunct telephone number for United Utilities

4 April 2017

  • Amendment of contact details for Personal Independence Payments – Scotland
  • Amendment of contact information for Immigration Minister

21 March 2017

  • Addition of new contact details for the Crown Prosecution Service
  • Amended phone number for UKVI

14 March 2017

  • Addition of new details for HS2
  • Amendment of email address for PIP – Atos
  • Amendment of contact details for Natural Resources Wales

28 February 2017

  • Addition of details for The Valuation Office Agency (VOA)
  • Amended details for Business Stream (Scottish Water)
  • Amended details for Network Rail

8 February 2017

  • Amendment of details for Severn Trent Water

19 January 2017

  • Added further info on National Grid
  • Change of phone number for Dundee Pension Centre
  • Added additional address for National Rail

10 January 2017

Added details for:

  • Health Education England
  • The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority
  • The Human Tissue Authority
  • The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency
  • National Grid Gas Distribution
  • NHS Blood and Transplant
  • NHS Business Services Authority
  • NHS Digital
  • NHS Improvement
  • NHS Litigation Authority
  • NHS Property Services
  • The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
  • Public Health England

Amended details for:

  • The Care Quality Commission
  • NHS England

5 January 2017

  • Amendment to the public telephone number for Winter Fuel Allowance

14 December 2016

  • Many of the entries have been rearranged into more logical groupings.
  • Amendments to various public web addresses
  • Amendment of contact details for various DWP departments
  • Addition of telephone number for Security Industry Authority
  • Amendment of email address for Thames Water
  • Deleted obsolete details for Employer Direct
  • Amendment of details for the Office of Rail and Road
  • Deleted obsolete details for the Press Complaints Commission
  • Added details for the Independent Press Standards Organisation
  • Added details for IMPRESS

28 October 2016

  • amendment of details for Arriva Trains Wales
  • addition of email address for Motability

12 October 2016

  • amendment of contact details for Thames Water

30 September 2016

  • amendment of contact details for PIP in Scotland
  • addition of details for DWP Central England Complaints Resolution Team
  • amendment to Tax Credit Hotline details

2 September 2016

  • updated details for Child Maintenance Service North West
  • Amended contact details for E.On
  • Amended telephone number for Scottish-Southern Electric (SSE)
  • Added new contact details for O2/Telefonica UK

12 August 2016

  • updated contact details for Virgin Media
  • removed hotline details for the Security Industries Association (SIA)

29 July 2016

  • further updates to Tax Credit contact information
  • updated information for the OISC
  • additional contact details for BT
  • added new entry for Natural England

25 July 2016

  • Added a new email address for Tax Credits
  • Added new details for Care Quality Commission
  • Added details for Transport for Greater Manchester
  • Updated consent requirements for Npower
  • Updated details for the Post Office

21 June 2016

  • Amendment of details for Scottish Power
  • Amendment of details for TV Licensing

15 June 2016

  • Addition of details for Barclays Wales
  • Amended details for the Director of the Child Maintenance Service

6 June 2016

  • Addition of contact details for Business Stream
  • Addition of contact details for the DVSA (Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency)
  • Amended contact details for HMRC Chief Executive
  • Addition of contact details for the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA)
  • Addition of contact details for Virgin Trains
  • Addition of details for Veterans UK
  • Updated hyperlinks to make them all clickable
  • Updated details for the Health and Care Professions Council
  • Updated details for (formerly Direct.Gov.UK)
  • Updated details for the Government Equalities Office
  • Updated details for the Health & Safety Executive
  • Updated details for the Independent Complaints Mediator for the Disclosure and Barring Service
  • Updated details for the Post Office
  • Removed obsolete details for the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (CHRE)
  • Removed obsolete details for the General Social Care Council
  • Removed obsolete details for the Legal Complaints Service
  • Removed obsolete details for OFGEM
  • Removed obsolete details for PostComm
  • Removed obsolete details for Consumer Focus
  • Removed obsolete details for Service Personnel & Veterans’ Agency

31 March 2016

  • Updated public contact details for Motability
  • Updated contact details for Virgin Media

3 March 2016

  • Updated contact details for PIP & DLA
  • Updated contact details for EE (Everything Everywhere)
  • Updated contact details for Network Rail Public Affairs Teams
  • Removed obsolete details for Nationality Contact Centre
  • Updated contact details for the Security Industries Association

17 December 2015

  • Updated telephone number for DWP North West

9 December 2015

  • Addition of contact details for Vodafone
  • Amendment of contact details for EE (Everything Everywhere)
  • Correction of email address for Child Support Agency (North West)
  • Correction of email address for DWP (North West)

8 October 2015

  • Amendment of URL for CEO Emails website
  • Amendment of contact details for the Financial Conduct Authority

17 September 2015

  • Major update for the Pension Service
  • Removal of details for Santander
  • Addition of details for British Airways / International Airlines Group
  • Amendment of details for HMRC
  • Update of details for DWP Scotland
  • Updated Passport Office details

7 August 2015

  • addition of details for the Financial Ombudsman
  • amended details for the Legal Ombudsman

3 August 2015

  • amended details for Lloyds Banking Group

23 July 2015

  • amendment to details for the DWP

22 July 2015

  • major update of details for the DWP
  • amended details for British Gas
  • amended details for Maximus
  • amended details for Thames Water

7 July 2015

  • Addition of details for British Gas for Welsh Assembly Members
  • Amended w4mp hotline link
  • Amended details for the Financial Ombudsman
  • Amended details for Experian

1 July 2015

  • Major update to details for Child Maintenance/Child Support

25 June 2015

  • Updated information for TalkTalk

4 June 2015

  • Updated information for NHS England

2 June 2015

20 May 2015

  • Updated contact details for Natwest/RBS
  • Updated contact details for UKVI NW Account Manager Team

23 March 2015

  • Amended contact details for TalkTalk
  • Removal of obsolete details for the Office of Fair Trading
  • Updated contact details for HMRC
  • Updated contact information for the Independent Case Examiner

19 March 2015

  • Amended telephone number for Child Benefit
  • Added new details for Swansea Pension Centre

5 March 2015

  • Amended details for HM Passport Office
  • Removed obsolete details for ATOS
  • Added new details for Maximus, the organisation which has replaced ATOS for Work Capability Assessments for the DWP

2 March 2015

  • Added email address for Sky TV

25 February 2015

  • Amendment to details for Sky TV

29 January 2015

  • Amended contact details for BSkyB

22 January 2015

  • Amended details for Virgin Media
  • Amended details for DWP Debt Management Cases