Facilities and Services for Members’ Staff

A Working for an MP Guide
Facilities and Services for Members’ Staff
First Published 19 November 2004 w4mp
Last Updated 12 March 2007 w4mp
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Revision notes

Congratulations to the Office of the Clerk for the latest update (Oct 2006) of the guide to the facilities and services offered to Members’ staff by the House Service. Sorry it’s taken us so long to highlight this.The guide is accessible on the parliamentary intranet – look under ‘M’ in the site index and click on this:Members’ Staff – Facilities and Services for Members’ Staff pdficon.gif(guide to the facilities and services)

Update 12 March 2007: The latest version of the guide is dated October 2006.

Hard copies of the guide are available on request in the e-Library and from the Vote Office.  They will also be distributed to new staff at the induction events organised by the Department of Finance and Administration.

This 12-page document will be welcomed by all Staff of Members.  It brings together information about a range of issues of interest to staff including: employment, pensions, childcare, training, access on the parliamentary estate as well business of the House and useful sources of information and support.

We would have liked to have make it available via W4MP but have been asked not to as it includes a number of hyperlinks to addresses on the intranet.  But what we can do is show you the Contents page – here it is: