A Working for an MP Guide
First Published 7 May 2010 w4mp
Last Updated 30 January 2012 w4mp
Last Reviewed 1 January 2014 w4mp
Unamended version copied from old Guide

We have not attributed individual articles but we do want to acknowledge the long list of contributors and those who have provided advice and support in the production of this booklet and to say thank you to them all for their hard work. They comprise a great mixture of all those people who work behind the scenes in departments of the House as well as staff of Members and those responsible for editing and printing the booklet at Dods.

In addition we would like to acknowledge the help we have received from staff at IPSA who have been very co-operative, when under great pressure to get the new MPs’ Expenses scheme up and running, in making sure we have our facts correct. 

Here are our contributors:

Louise Anderson, Nick Battley, Marianne Cwynarski, Sally Dawson, Rob Ellis, Vasilis Gialias, Melanie Gower, Katy Gray, Amina Gual, Louise Haigh, Gerry Hall, Richard Hall, Hoby the Cartoonist, Philippa Helme, Jo Latham, Karen Lawrinson, Amanda Leck, Jenny Lee, Sam Mckewn, Catriona Marchant, Bryn Morgan, Azadeh Pak, Richard Parsons, Jill Pay, Chris Pond, Richard Robinson, Bradley Rogers, Mark Sandford, Ros Sargent, Andrew Schofield, Chris Sear, Sadie Smith, Steve Tappenden, Helen Undy, Vivienne Windle, Andrew Wallace, Jemima Warren. Plus a number of caseworkers, researchers and others who have contributed pithy quotes which you will find interspersed among the guides in the hardcopy version.

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