Constituency Open Days

The House of Commons Service regularly holds regional open days for constituency staff throughout the United Kingdom.

The days include:

  • an overview of the services that the House provides
  • a focus on the services that constituency staff have said matter most to them – access to digital services, learning & development, and the Library
  • an opportunity to meet some House staff and ask questions, and to meet other neighbouring constituency staff
  • information on office security and contact information
  • information from IPSA and contact information
  • breakout sessions for you to tell us what you need from the House Service
  • access to clerks for procedural advice.

Lunch will also be provided and this, along with the registration period, is intended as a chance to network with the House Service, other constituency office staff in your region and visit ‘stalls’ of  services.

IPSA have recognised the day as a training event and as such the costs of travel can be submitted under ‘training’ and will not count towards the standard 96 journeys allowed per year.

Timetable of events

Please note that dates are provisional.

2016 regional constituency events

Date Region
17 January Birmingham
1 February Cardiff
21 February Perth
10 March London – for all staff
21 March Newcastle
16 May Leicester
14 June London – for all staff
5 July Southampton
8 September London – for all staff
20 September Belfast
18 October East Sussex/Kent
8 November Chester
28 November London – for all staff


To book

To book your place at an event or for further information please contact the Central Communications Team by email ( or on x4801.